The Importance Of Celebration :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #17

The Importance Of Celebration :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #17

I think sprinkles can go on anything and make a day just a tad bit better.

Join Stephanie and Michelle, CMBN’s Public Relations Specialist and Podcast Producer, as they discuss the importance of embracing celebration and building in the margin to serve others.

From birthdays to holidays to something as simple as adding sprinkles to chicken nuggets, Steph shares her heart for finding the big and little moments to celebrate. 

Episode 17 :: Show Notes

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We are celebrating the 3rd birthday of our Colorado Springs Moms Blog. Learn about the amazing community-focused resources and events they are bringing to Colorado Springs, CO.

Visit Colorado Springs Moms Blog >> 


You’ve Got To Try This ::

One of Steph’s staple celebratory meals is the Stetson Salad, which you can find the recipe here. This bright and colorful salad is not only perfect to please a crowd, but also easy to make! 

The Importance Of Celebration :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #17

Episode 17 :: Steph's Birthday Box

Steph's Birthday Box

In this episode of Just Add Sprinkles: Celebrating Motherhood Steph discusses her Birthday Box! It’s literally a box filled with all of Steph’s favorite things!! How awesome is that?

And the best part? You can enter to win an ENTIRE box!

Read more about Steph’s Birthday Box >>

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