What Our Sister Sites Are Saying


We LOVE our Sister Sites and they LOVE us back!

Our mission at City Moms Blog Network is to empower our Sister Site Owners to be successful business owners, help them provide a valuable resource to moms in their communities, and to create a network of sites who support one another through experience sharing and collaboration.

Check out what some of our Sister Site Owners have to say about City Moms Blog Network and our team!

What Our Sister Sites Are Saying…

“I cannot recommend City Moms Blog Network enough! The CMBN team is so helpful at getting your site ready to go with artwork and logos and they are a deep well of knowledge and resources when it comes time to prepare and launch your site. However, the absolute best part about being a part of City Moms Blog Network is the community of sister-site owners who readily share tips, tricks and resources to help us be successful with our own site. I am so appreciative for that group of ladies! Stephanie Flies and her team do everything in their power to help equip you for success!”

:: Julie, Kansas City Moms Blog Owner ::

“I had been looking for an opportunity to begin an online resource in San Antonio for moms but the thought of such a project was both overwhelming and intimidating. I was introduced to the City Moms Blog Network and knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. Partnering with CMBN has made this venture exciting and fun. We have been able to quickly establish our website and grow our business with local companies due to the resources provided by CMBN and the support of our Sister Sites. Who knew being a business owner would be so enjoyable!”

:: Brooke, Alamo City Moms Blog Co-Founder ::

“Our purpose in starting a local moms blog began with a passion for our community, a desire to reach and encourage moms, and bring them together on and offline. We had varied personal and professional skills that would enable us to succeed. What we didn’t have, however, was the technical aspects of owning a blog. Web hosting, plugins, coding… all that was foreign to us.

It is invaluable to connect with mentors who have “been there, done that”. Hearing how other sites handle varied situations and/or navigate new events or projects is paramount to our success. We value the opportunity to participate in the open sharing of ideas, event plans and more, and we are honored to be a part of this amazing group of women!

:: Sarah Farnsworth, Des Moines Moms Blog Co-Founder ::