Sister Site Spotlight :: Scottsdale Moms Blog

Sister Site Spotlight :: Des Moines Moms Blog

Meet Angela, Our Scottsdale Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: 3 children (11 year old twins, and an 8 year old)

Day In 5 Words :: wake up early, many hats

Major Life Influence ::  my mom friends

Go-To Mom Hack :: scissors in the kitchen, great for cutting pizza, quesadilla, chopping salad, herbs, etc.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: pedicures

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Hawaii

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

That we are able to build community with moms in our area. Through events, articles, groups and discussions on social media, moms are able to meet each other, get advice from each other and know that others in their community have their back.

Sister Site Spotlight :: Des Moines Moms Blog


We are NICE! Scottsdale doesn’t have the best reputation, but people here (especially moms) are kind and want to be friends.


We have the most beautiful sunsets.


We have the best winters, with weather to play outside everyday October til May. Don’t ask us about the other months!


The Valley has so much to do. We have every type of festival possible. Greek Festival, Chocolate Festival, Taco Festivals, etc. All so fun!


The Valley is a melting pot of people from all over. So almost everyone is from some place else and looking to connect and create new friendships. No hometown cliques that are hard to break into!

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We wanted to join CMBN because we wanted to be able to better support and encourage local moms here in Scottsdale. We wanted to create an online and in person environment where moms didn’t feel judged, where they could learn from each other and connect with others. We love the passion behind this network and that everyone at CMBN is here to help other moms.

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