Sister Site Spotlight :: Portland

Sister Site Spotlight :: Portland

Meet Lee Ann, Our Portland Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: I have three boys (Mateo – 10, Zane – 6, Kyle – 4) and a daughter (Daphne – 1.5)

Day In 5 Words :: Hugs. Hustle. Focus. Love. Repeat.

Major Life Influence ::  Without a doubt, my own parents have had the greatest impact on me. They are kind, giving, and patient, and I feel lucky to have been raised by them.

Go-To Mom Hack :: Google Calendar is my life. I have several different calendars, each one is color-coded, and everything goes in the calendar, always. And I share different calendars to important stakeholders (husband, parents, sister) to simplify planning. I also use an app called Tiny Calendar which displays all my calendars and those I sync with in custom views. Essential!!

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: International soccer. It’s going to be trouble when the World Cup kicks into high gear!

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Barcelona!

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

So many things! Supporting local families both online and in-person, working with a great team of writers, and interacting with a sisterhood of other City Moms Blog sites! It’s hard to pin down what is the MOST rewarding because there is a lot of awesome happening here!

What Every Mom Should Know About Portland, OR


Love it or hate it, some Portlandia skits hit pretty close to home.


Portland has a strong biking community and is very bike-friendly. There are great bike routes and rentable bikes available throughout the city.


The rain isn’t THAT bad. We make up for it in the spring/summer!


Our unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird” and, well, there’s a reason for that.


Portland loves food! We have as many restaurants per capita as New York City, and a pretty amazing food cart scene.

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