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Meet Alisa, Our Madison Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: Ava (August 2012) & Jacob/Nora (March 2014)

Day In 5 Words :: Active, Beauty, Thankful, Chaos, Fulfilled

Major Life Influence ::  My parents have been a constant support in my life in every way imaginable. I feel very fortunate to have parents who live what they preach and who have modeled unconditional love for myself and my own family.

Go-To Mom Hack :: It’s not really a hack – but it does make my life easier! I color code my kids’ closets and organize by season. I also go through their closets every few months to take out anything that no longer fits — they grow like weeds and if I don’t stay on top of it I get overwhelmed!

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: I have a terrible sweet tooth and I LOVE to bake… so probably chocolate chip cookies (or more honestly cookie dough…), Moscato & Dateline!

Favorite Vacation Spot :: We go to Arizona a couple times a year to see family and friends so it’s definitely a favorite, but a place I’ve only been to once and would love to get back to someday is Marbella, Spain. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and the beaches are so serene.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

For me the most rewarding part of CMBN is the relationships I’ve been able to build with friends and colleagues across the country, as well as having a job I truly love and enjoy and feel passionately about. It’s also been a joy to connect with so many people locally and to now work alongside women who have become dear friends. I’m able to do this while still being very much involved in the day to day lives of my children. There are times when the workload feels like it will never end – but ultimately I feel very lucky and CMBN has been a tremendous blessing to my family.


Madison has more trails & green space per capita than just about anywhere else in the country!


Madison is consistently rated as one of the top places to live in the United States.


We are home to the Wisconsin Badgers and is also the capital city of Wisconsin.


Our Dane County Farmer’s Market around Capitol Square is America’s largest producers-only farmers’ market in the US.


Madison is surrounded by two large lakes (Monona & Mendota).

Top Madison Resources For Moms

Our resources and guides are always really popular with our audience! We focus on providing the most comprehensive seasonal guides for our readers and also have a variety of sponsored guides throughout the year. Our summer & fall guides are both really fun to put together because I find myself regularly referencing them when looking for things to do with my own family.

In addition to our resources, we have a really talented team of writers who are able to share relatable perspectives and journeys with our readers in an effort to further connect with our audience. We’ve covered topics like adoption, parenting multiples, infertility, being a working mom, being a SAHM, parenting a child with disabilities and just about everything in between!

And aside from the online content – events have been a really awesome way to connect directly with our audience and have become a very large part of what we do with Madison Moms Blog!

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  1. Natalie October 31, 2017 at 5:14 am #

    You are doing amazing things in Madison, Alisa! Need to take a visit—but probably not in winter! 🙂

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