Sister Site Spotlight :: Cincinnati Moms Blog

Sister Site Spotlight :: Cincinnati Moms Blog

Meet Sarah, Our Cincinnati Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: Nora (8 years old) and Meredith (6 years old)

Day In 5 Words :: Overwhelming. Chaotic. Rewarding. Empowering. Blessed.

Major Life Influence ::  My Dad has always been someone I look up to because of his ethics, integrity and loyalty. He is a good person with a strong sense of morality and responsibility. I am still learning from him, even today.

Go-To Mom Hack :: “Fancy Dinners” On the nights when I am exhausted and don’t want to cook, I get out a serving tray and cut up cheese, meats, fruit and crackers. The girls love it, it’s easy and it’s not horribly unhealthy.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: Ice cream – Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip or Mocha Chip preferably.

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Neptune Beach, Florida is my home away from home, but I dream of one day visiting Greece.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

There is so much! I would say, mostly it makes me smile when someone mentions something that Cincinnati Moms Blog has done to enrich their life. I love being able to give back to the community in this way. I also love being part of a group of women, throughout this country, who genuinely encourage and support one another.

Sister Site Spotlight :: Cincinnati Moms Blog


We take our food very seriously.


You SHOULD venture to all corners of this city. The West side, East Side, Northern Suburbs and NKY all have treasures hidden in them you won’t want to miss!


History is a BIG part of the culture here and is something that should be explored when visiting.


We will never stop believing that our sports teams will eventually be good again.


Try Graeters Ice Cream while here. Trust me on this one.

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