Mom Must Reads :: Week of July 23rd

Mom Must Reads :: Week of July 23rd

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Preparing for Baby #2…and 2 Babies Under 1!

In my hand, I was holding a positive pregnancy test while our newborn, 8 week old son was asleep in the room next door. 

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I Had Kids “Too Close” Together

Yes, to some I had my kids “too close” together. Yes, the comments like “You know how this happens, right?” were hard to stomach. The stares and snickers were (are) noticeable. But I have the honor of being a mom to three beautiful and bright, precious kids! Who cares how far apart they are? Every stage and age has its challenges. I like to think I’m getting mine in large doses of long-suffering and laughter! 

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The Day I Said Goodbye to the “Mom” Bathing Suit

Women are sometimes so consumed by being a mom that we forget to be a woman. We lose our identity in our children and think that’s how it’s supposed to be. But, I want more than that. I don’t want to be hung up on my body anymore and wearing a specific type of bathing suit because I’m a mom. I want to feel like a woman and feel confident and beautiful. No more hiding. Even if it means I expose my “imperfect” body, that’s what I want. 

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Let’s All Just Agree On This: The Art of Interrupting

I have started practicing the art of interrupting, and reminding myself that I do not actually need or want to care about what other people think about my body. If someone doesn’t like me because my stomach is not flat after giving birth to 40 lbs of children, then I don’t really care to know them.  Goodbye.

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe In Crowded Places

It’s really easy to lose a child in a crowd, and it isn’t just an issue of being negligent. This can happen to anyone. If your child gets bumped or a few steps behind, they can get disoriented and start looking for you — possibly in the wrong direction! Ten seconds is enough time to lose a child, and it’s not because you did anything wrong. It’s because unexpected things can happen.

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