Imperfect Courage :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #21

Imperfect Courage :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #21

It’s been a lot of women who have been in the same stage that I was then… It’s like can I ever get out of my yoga pants and is my entire life about Cheerios versus Goldfish today? And yet we all know we are made for more.

Join co-hosts Stephanie and Michelle, as they have a very special conversation with Jessica Honegger, founder of Noonday Collection and Author of her brand new book, Imperfect Courage!

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Do you ever struggle or have you ever struggle with your self-worth?

Jessica Honegger has struggled in this area as she was building her business – Noonday Collection, the world’s largest fair-trade jewelry company.

Her experiences growing her company were the catalyst for her new book, Imperfect Courage, where Jessica shares real-life inspiration so readers can recognize their own worth, embrace vulnerability, connect with their community, and find courage to achieve full potential.

Imperfect Courage :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #21
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