Looking put together after a baby (or at any point in time with kids) can be a challenge to say the least! Jen shares some simple ways to style any body type leaving you not only feeling good, but looking good!


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We Need to Get Together Sometime! (But We Never Do)

From Knoxville Moms Blog
“We never get together anymore. We used to, all the time. But I miss you, and I miss having friends that meet up and talk about real life, not just the weather in the produce aisle. You used to know that I hide Reese’s peanut butter cups in the back of the fridge behind the yogurt and I used to know that your child was dealing with nightmares. Now I cannot remember the last time it was just us, girlfriends since school days, sharing moments of every day life, inside jokes that no one else understood, and eating carbs like we were teenagers.”


This I Know: You're Going to Miss This

From Jacksonville Moms Blog
“I wanted my oldest to reach every milestone quickly. I wanted my second to take a long time. With the twins, now I know I’ll wake up tomorrow morning, and they’ll be 8, and their 16-year-old sister will barrel into my room, wanting the car this weekend. ‘Slow down!’ I whisper to them while they’re sleeping, their fat feet tucked under their little bottoms, their dirty lovies gripped tightly in their dimpled hands.”


We Need To Talk

From Madison Moms Blog
“After about 20 minutes of quietly eating my lunch next to these women, I got up and left, not wanting to be subjected to the feelings of rejection I was experiencing any longer. I felt like I was in junior high. And it felt awful.

About a week later, I was standing in line at my favorite coffee shop, and initiated a conversation with the young woman in front of me. She was holding an adorable blonde-haired blue-eyed toddler who reminded me of my own. Yes, as a biracial woman, I have a blonde-haired, blue-eyed child, who inherited my curls, but his father’s everything else…”


Living With An IEP

From Kansas City Moms Blog
“As the year progressed, his academic growth was minimal. All parts of learning to read were not clicking with him. Writing was painful. We chalked it up to his anxiety and ADHD getting in the way of his learning, and limped to the end of kindergarten. But when his academics didn’t improve with a summer of tutoring and a semester of first grade under his belt, when knew something else was up.”


Sorry, Not Sorry: My Kid Got a Participation Trophy

From Columbia SC Moms Blog
Are participation trophies really to blame, or is there value in recognizing hard work along with winning?


Childcare Solutions for the Work at Home Mom

From Corpus Christi Moms Blog
“Between phone calls, meetings, critical thinking and decision making, I truly believe sending my child to daycare while I work makes me a better employee and mom.”


Working and Traveling Without Kids: Don't Make Me Defend Myself

From Colorado Springs Moms Blog
“A total stranger recently said to me, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but what is the point of even having kids if you are just going to send them to daycare.”


Everything I Learned About Parenting I Learned on the Playground

From Columbus Moms Blog
“Ok, I shouldn’t say everything, it’s not like I first learned to change a diaper on a teeter-totter but the majority of my discipline and sharing rules have come as a result of an interaction on a playground. I am not a natural born discipliner. I have always been amazed when people have a wonderfully, well thought out reprimand that was not only insightful but heartfelt, à la Danny Tanner-Full House style. The majority of my disciplinary vocab starts and ends with “No!” or “Stop!” Becoming a mother inevitably pushes you into an authority figure but there are no books as to what the rules actually are.”