No two adoptions are the same. No two birth families are the same. And I’m thankful for that.
Some women just are not able to nurse their children for one reason or another, but still want to provide their baby with breast milk. That is where milk donors come in!
“Are you counting down the days until summer is over? We may be ready for our kids to get back to school and a regular routine to begin again, but before the days get shorter, take some time to slow down, celebrate summer and make memories.”
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I Gave Up on Entertaining...for Hospitality

From Oklahoma City Moms Blog
“Come as you are because we will receive you as we are.”


I Want to Be a Dad When I Grow Up

From Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog
“Going to the bathroom alone: No matter where my son is in the house, he appears out of nowhere if I am headed to the bathroom. He opens and slams the door, he flashes the lights on and off, all while I am peeing the quickest I can. My husband? He can disappear for hours and my son never notices. In fact, I think he hides in there.”


5 Healthy and Easy Meals for Busy Evenings

From Orlando Moms Blog

“In light of the upcoming school year and for the moms who are also trying to make early bedtimes, here are some of my favorite easy meals. All of the meals are gluten free, can be dairy free and two are vegetarian. And as a bonus, all are pretty inexpensive.”


Mom Friends: Maintaining Friends During this Busy Time of Life

From Green Bay Moms Blog
“Friendship in the motherhood years can be challenging. Busy schedules, needy kids and “Mom Brain” can all contribute to our ability to connect or stay in touch with others. But one day, our lives will change. And we will need friends to support us, or just have fun with. So here are some tips to foster your friendships during this crazy busy time of life.”


My First-Born is Starting Kindergarten and I’m Not Sad

From Genesee County Moms Blog
“I’m super sad to see the chapter of my son staying home with me come to an end, but I’m also very excited for what’s to come for him. He is going to do amazing things and I can’t wait to share those moments with him. I just have to keep reminding myself of all of the fun chapters that are yet to come as my kids get older. It can be sad, but it’s a part of life and we just need to keep swimming!”


School & Food Allergies :: Questions to Ask

From Fort Worth Moms Blog
“What questions should food allergy parents ask each year before school starts? This thorough list will help you make sure all your bases are covered.”


Easy Back to School Snacks for Kids

From Nashville Moms Blog
“Getting back into the swing of the school year schedule? These tasty, simple, and healthy back to school snack ideas can help get you (and your kids!) back on track!”


So Long, Summer :: True Confessions from the Land of Denial

From Wichita Moms Blog
“I know you’re thinking I must have lost my mind, because you are counting down the days until school starts again. Sister, I have been there! In all honesty, I was there last year. But everything is so different this year. You see, this year, when the inevitable first day of school rolls around, my oldest will leave for college and my baby will start high school, and I am simply not ready for either of those things.”