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Can I Be Honest? Sometimes I Get Jealous

From Madison Moms Blog

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, Can I be honest? Sometimes, I get jealous of you. Like, when I picture your mornings, minus the chaos of hustling kids out the door to daycare. I picture breakfasts eaten without staring at the clock, maybe a morning kids’ show, everyone still in PJs. I see you taking the kids to the zoo or the park or the lake mid-morning, snapping selfies with them and texting your husband the funny thing your oldest said.


More Than A Survivor: Moving Beyond Abuse

From Portland Moms Blog

This is dedicated to all the mothers who are giving your children a better childhood than the one you had. To all the parents who’ve experienced trauma, either in your adult life or as children (possibly at the hands of your parents or caregivers), this post is for you and the positive change you are here to make in the world. Change rooted in getting back your gifts. As a child abuse survivor myself, here’s what I’ve learned along my path of healing.


The Night I Taught My Daughter About Rape

From Burlington VT Moms Blog

Rape is in the news. It’s in your Facebook/Twitter feed. People are talking about rape. And last night, I had to teach my 9 year old daughter what rape is. I didn’t plan on it, so I wasn’t terribly prepared, and I have a history of screwing up these kinds of talks. But when life hands you a story about a rape, you have to sit down and talk about it with your kids.


The Problem With Not Having A Mom Tribe

From Raleigh Moms Blog

RMB just ran a blog post from a sister site written by an author claiming to not need a “Mom Tribe.” As I read the post, it completely resonated with me. In fact, I commented on the article that I felt it could have been written by me!


What Your Daycare Provider Wants You To Know

From Oklahoma City Moms Blog

So, momma, is your child in daycare or with an at-home provider while you work? From one daycare mom to another, I know that can be difficult. But I also know that it can be a great experience. All three of my daughters spent quite a bit of time with childcare providers before I went into the business (and one still does!) So, as a daycare parent and also as the director of a local daycare, here is a list I’ve compiled of What Your Daycare Provider Wants You to Know.


Quick and Easy Summertime Watermelon Recipes

From Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Ahhhh summertime! A time full of get togethers with friends and family, full days with kiddos on summer vacation and the hot Corpus Christi sun! What better way to cool off this summer than with some mom-approved watermelon recipes?


Get Some Sleep! Tips For A Restful Vacation.

From Seacoast Moms Blog

Vacation after children takes on a new meaning. I like to think of our vacations as “trips” now (because they really can be a “trip” with a small child!). I was in for a rude awakening (no pun intended) last year when traveling with my then 10.5-month-old who decided it was the perfect time to learn to crawl. For those of you unfamiliar, evidence shows that learning to crawl disrupts sleep. Add crawling to her first “vacation” and you’ve certainly got a trip! Thank goodness she’s cute. But I digress…


10 Tips To Sharing Custody Well

From Austin Moms Blog

Sharing custody is such an emotional topic. I am the product of a court-ordered shared custody plan, I have to share my own kids with the other parent and I am also a step-parent. I could literally speak to personal experience from every angle. I would first like to admit that sharing custody of my kids is one of, if not the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Share my children with the person that I no longer share my life with? Are you kidding me???