“If you are anything like me, the thought of dragging a four year old with you into a 4×4 space to try on 87 swim suits only to walk out feeling defeated in life doesn’t sound particularly appealing. But have no fear! I bring you the Best One Piece Swim Suits of 2017 that will
Some women just are not able to nurse their children for one reason or another, but still want to provide their baby with breast milk. That is where milk donors come in!
I learned new things about myself and am now seeing things through a different lens. I’m more aware of the choices I make because I’ve clearly identified my values and priorities.
Along with our Sister Sites, we have compiled a guide full of all things spring-cleaning related, from cleaning tips, to organizing ideas, as well as tips and tricks for de-cluttering your home.
City Moms Blog Network is partnering with Children's Learning Adventure to discuss the many benefits of Summer camp! We received compensation for this post, however all opinions and benefits are 100% our own.Believe it or not… Summer is just around the corner, and moms everywhere are beginning to prep and plan for the dog days


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Thirteen Reasons Why: Our Kids Are Watching and So Are We

From Austin Moms Blog
“The message is important. Understanding suicide is important. Those who don’t have a grasp, who have never felt this way, may think it looks like an easy out, but this story shows us it is anything but easy.”


Dos and Don'ts of Marriage in a Blended Family: 10 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Second Marriage

From Alamo City Moms Blog
“Don’t take it personally. In other words, you need to have thick skin while maintaining sensitivity to the kids’ emotions in a blended family marriage. Put your insecurities aside and pull up your big girl panties. No one promised a picnic in a blended family.”


I'm Afraid To Get My Photo Taken

From Anaheim Moms Blog
“I distinctly remember a childhood friend laughing at me because my thighs were bigger than hers. And from there the beast of body insecurity set in and never let go.”


How To Be A Friend To An Autism Spectrum Mom

From Albuquerque Moms Blog
“We all need friends who get us. But developing strong friendships during the season of motherhood is a task that even mothers of neurotypical children struggle with.”


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

From West Valley Moms Blog
“I recently had a falling out with a long time friend. I know it happens sometimes with the change of seasons. Because of that, I have changed a lot in my life. I have changed the way I look at life, the way I want to live it and the way I want to raise my kids in it.”


Tips for a Beach Trip with Baby

From Birmingham Moms Blog
“Taking a baby to the beach is no small feat. But a little planning before your beach trip will go a long way in ensuring you have the most relaxing trip possible. Notice I said trip, not vacation, as taking a baby to the beach will probably never feel like a vacation. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be great!”


Maybe It's OK To Talk To Strangers

From Palm Beach Moms Blog
“I have never been the girl to make small talk with strangers while in line at the store. I’ve always been more of a get what I need, give you a smile, say thank you and keep going kind of girl. Well, as with pretty much everything else in my life, once I had my twins that all seemed to change whether I was ready for it or not.”


Mindful Meditation with Children is Not an Oxymoron

From Westchester County Moms Blog
“My brilliant yoga session turned into the two eldest competing irritatedly with one another for who could hold their positions the longest or who was ‘the bendiest.’ My youngest turned every pose into an opportunity to do somersaults across the floor…”