In the very first second of meeting my baby girl, my heart dropped. The vision of what my daughter was going to look like wasn’t what I saw. The room became quiet, and everyone stopped.
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At City Moms Blog Network, we want to make this winter season just a bit easier with our Mom’s Guide To Indoor Activities, so you can find some fun, new, and (key word) SIMPLE things to do on those home-bound days.


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Tips To Defeat The Winter Doldrums

From Rochester MN Moms Blog

“The winter doldrums are in full swing. It’s still too dark, too gloomy, and too cold. This time of year after the holidays is the worst. By this point of the year, I start to generally hate everything.”


Books For The Wife/Mom In Your Life

From East Texas Moms Blog

“Who doesn’t need help with being a woman, a wife and a mom? Recently, ETMB posted an Instagram pic of the books I’ve been reading and we had some feedback…”


A Slackers Guide To Preserving Family Photos

From Seacoast Moms Blog

“As a mother, it’s important to me that I document our family’s memories. I know that I’ll cherish photos of my little ones when they’re grown. And I imagine…”


Teaching My Girls The Truth About Lying Numbers

From Wichita Moms Blog

“‘Mommy, either there’s not enough zipper, or there’s too much…you.’ Trying not to freak out in frustration in front of my 6-year-old daughter wasn’t easy…”


A Love Letter To My Mom Bod

From Quad City Moms Blog

“Remember that one time that you were able to create and carry a child? The timing turned out to be just right, the stars aligned, and life was created inside of you.”


All The Ways I Hate Working Out

From Scottsdale Moms Blog

“So here’s the deal. I really dislike working out (in case you couldn’t tell). I have friends who are in such good shape and love what they’re doing…”


6 Moms Skills That Benefit The Workplace

From Memphis Moms Blog

“Every workplace could benefit from the specific set of skills moms possess. These six special skills should be added to the resume of every mom before…”


Please Don't Touch Me: A Letter To My Husband

From Oklahoma City Moms Blog

“I love how you love me. I love that your face lights up when you walk in the door. I love that you are able to look past the sweat pants and tired…”


Let's Talk About Sex... After Baby

From North Phoenix Moms Blog

“I’m so fat and ugly and have a baby pouch and stretch marks and, and, and….I’ve had to embrace that my body IS different. If you’re a breastfeeding…”


Why Disney Is NOT Our Happiest Place On Earth

From Jacksonville Moms Blog

“Every evening, Legoland’s staff entertain your kids with Lego-building competitions and PJ-dance parties while you and hubby get cocktails at their bar.”


Direct Sales: Shredding The Stereotype

From Dallas Moms Blog

“The fact that people are so “turned off” by the industry that they allow it to affect their friendships is so immature to me. In the same way that you…”


6 Reasons I'm Excited About Our Adult Vacation

From Iowa City Moms Blog

“Mostly I feel a bit guilty because I’m afraid that as a mom, leaving my child at home to go on a fancy vacation seems selfish and self-indulgent.”