In partnership with Soul To Sole Choreography.In some dance studios around the nation, there has been an increase in sexualized, objectified movement for children under 12. These studios/teachers often unknowingly model their movement choices on what they see in the media culture. I’ll label this cultural shift the difference between healthy, age-appropriate dance versus unhealthy,
Some women just are not able to nurse their children for one reason or another, but still want to provide their baby with breast milk. That is where milk donors come in!
Along with our Sister Sites, we have compiled a guide full of all things spring-cleaning related, from cleaning tips, to organizing ideas, as well as tips and tricks for de-cluttering your home.
City Moms Blog Network is partnering with Children's Learning Adventure to discuss the many benefits of Summer camp! We received compensation for this post, however all opinions and benefits are 100% our own.Believe it or not… Summer is just around the corner, and moms everywhere are beginning to prep and plan for the dog days


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I'll take The Two-Year-Old Tears Any Day

From Cincinnati Moms Blog
“One day, she will have her heart broken. She will likely be made fun of or bullied. She will not make the team and she will be denied entry into the college of her dreams. Even further down the road, she may lose someone who is close to her. I pray she does not experience serious illness or the loss of a baby, but it could happen. And when these things do happen, she will cry big tears. Real tears. And I’ll think back to the time when they were little.”


18 Summers Just Isn't Enough

From Boston Moms Blog
“To me, having the summers to myself someday means my job here is done. This job… this big, huge, life-affirming job that I so wanted and so appreciate. I see it as a huge privilege and an absolute choice to be home with them every day. This is the biggest and most important work I will ever do. And it’s also what I want to do.”


Grill Safety: The Day I Almost Lost my Family

From Cedar Rapids Moms Blog
“I could have arrived home to find our street full of flashing lights. My first and only love and my three beautiful babies….my whole world could have all been gone in an instant.”

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I Saved My Child's Life (And I Hope You Never Have To)

From Red Stick Moms Blog
“No more than five minutes later, one of the kids in the pool alerted us that something happened to Atticus. When I saw him, he was floating face-up just below the surface of the water near the shallow end of the pool.”


I Want A 1980s Summer For My Kids

From Des Moines Moms Blog
“My mom didn’t organize playdates or activities for us. There weren’t charts or stickers or jars of popsicle sticks full of creative ideas for how to spend our time. Her only rule was: don’t come back in the house until lunch.”


My Family Takes The Summer Off

From Twin Cities Moms Blog
“I want summer to be different. I want summer to be less. I want my kids to have the gift of days spent lounging in swimsuits. I want their biggest stressors to be running out of freezie pops and wondering when I’ll cut up the watermelon. I want their minds to wander and unlimited opportunity for unstructured time with friends.”


Poop in the Pool and Other Reasons I Hate Summer

From Alamo City Moms Blog
“To countless moms all over the world, you are the embodiment of a long-awaited exhale. You herald the arrival of blissfully unscheduled days, afternoons spent lazing by the pool, and evenings that seem to stretch until dawn. These moms revel in your freedom, bask in your warmth, and become absolutely intoxicated by the opportunity to spend endless amounts of unencumbered “quality time” with their children. Well, I’m real happy for them and all, but I’ve gotta be honest here: Summer, your arrival makes me want to puke. Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I hate summers.”


Four Tips to Avoid Wishing Away the Summer With Your Kids

From MKE Moms Blog
“This is your only summer with this child. Next year, they will be a different person. When attitudes or tantrums or fighting or whatever behavior that bugs you rears its ugly head, try to remember that next summer, it will have changed. This time is precious.”