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Our Stuff is Making Me Crazy

From Madison Moms Blog
“I like stuff. Yes, the same stuff that makes me want to rip every hair out of my head. The same stuff that is cluttering my house and my mind. I love shopping and clothes. (Don’t get me started on shoes!) I love decorating for different seasons. I love anything that goes in my kitchen. I love all of the stuff until I hate it because I can’t breathe.”


The Drastic Step I'm Taking to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

From Jacksonville Moms Blog
“My husband and I had to make a very quick decision — were we really, truly ready to put a permanent end to having children? We talked about it, and we both agreed. We didn’t want more children, but this was still a permanent decision. That was a sobering thought, but it could also mean that I had a greater chance of being around to see my children grow up.”


Seeing Green

From Kansas City Moms Blog
“And after the bad day ends, I try to remind myself that out there a stay-at-home parent is wishing for a job, a routine and a commute. They are seeing green from the ‘always greener’ other side.”


What to do When Your Husband Passes Out During Your Epidural: A Birth Story

From Knoxville Moms Blog
“Literally — he walked out right during the critical moment when I needed him! I was furious.10 minutes later, the charge nurse stepped into the room with an oddly serious look on her face and said: ‘I’m so sorry to bother you Haley, but your husband has passed out and has been admitted to the ER.'”


Where My Girls At?

From Detroit Moms Blog
“Where are all the normal moms? Not the cool moms. Not the crunchy moms. Not the hipster moms. Not the sanctimommies. The normal moms. I am talking about the ones who know that motherhood is not a competitive sport. These are the middle of the road, average, everyday moms. The ones who recognize it’s not always our job to spare the rod and spoil the child. That there is a happy medium for every issue and finding that is probably just easier than being militant on either side of it. That essentially, we are trying to not raise serial killers and hopefully, everything else works out.”


The Day My Kid Quit My Favorite Sport

From Duluth Moms Blog
“It sounds dramatic, but she knew how important the sport was to me. We had traveled to shows, competitions, and exhibitions. We have spent more money than I even want to imagine. I was even on the board of directors for the skating club. She knew. I knew. So last week, I told her I was behind her 100%. With tears in her eyes and some trepidation, she ended it. And you know what? The world didn’t end.”


My Child Comes First In My Life

From Charleston Moms Blog
“My child comes first in my life. Yep, I said it. My daughter is my number one. There is nothing that comes before her, and there is no exception. That includes my marriage.”


Who's On First?

From Indianapolis Moms Blog
“Amidst the general uncertainty that comes with one’s first pregnancy, I have found myself confronted with a question I didn’t quite know how to answer: ‘Is this your first child?”
Well, yes. But no.
You see, this is my first biological baby. And my first baby overall. But not my first child–at least not in my heart.'”