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Water Safety:: Three Different Types of Drowning Explained

From San Diego Moms Blog

I’m about to get uncomfortable and share a story that I never thought I would tell anyone about. I remember when my oldest was right around 10 months old. We had a pool, I had the cutest and teeniest little swim suit for my little baby girl, and I was ready to take her into the water. I lathered baby girl with sunscreen and put a swim hat on her. I couldn’t let her precious skin burn!


But I Used to be a Teacher! {Career Changes of Motherhood}

From Denver Metro Moms Blog

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I knew if we could swing it financially, I wanted to leave my teaching career to stay home with her and I’ve never once regretted that decision. Even on the worst of days when we all end up in tears and time seems to go backwards, even when I’m covered in spit up and I’m running on three hours of sleep, I have zero regrets.


Mommy's Mental Health: Let's Start Talking

From Wichita Moms Blog

Mental health. Two words that we as mothers talk about far too little. We share a lot with our friends – our detailed birth and breastfeeding experiences, but how often do we ask each other, “How are you mentally?”


Ways To Boost The Mother-Son Relationship

From Houston Moms Blog

There are three of them, one me. Life is moving fast these days, and I often feel like the day is spent in the details. Who has eaten breakfast? Does the youngest have a dirty diaper? Please hurry and put your shoes on! No, we are late, and you have to ride in the stroller to drop off your brother. Can we hit a play date before lunch {Wait, what’s for lunch?} and still be home in time for naps before pickup?


My Dirty Little Secret: I Like Work

From Jacksonville Moms Blog

Shhhhh….I have a dirty secret. Okay, maybe not so dirty, not in the way you’re thinking. But sometimes it feels like a dirty secret. My secret: I like to work. That’s right. I do. While pregnant with our third and fourth babies (surprise, twins!) many well-meaning people, women especially, asked if I was going to stay home after the babies came. I mean, four kids, plus a full-time job? Are you crazy?


How To Talk To Your Toddler

From Nashville Moms Blog

Hanging out with a toddler all day is so boring. They never want to talk about anything interesting. They’re all “Me, Me, Me” all day long. AMIRIGHT?! They have woefully short attention spans. And also? They don’t know a lot of words. So really, I guess it’s no surprise that their conversations are somewhat limited. What does that mean? It means this—it’s always up to you to be the one to come up with new and interesting topics for discussion.


One Heartbeat, Two Babies: A Story of Conjoined Twins

From Knoxville Moms Blog

Because their 8th birthday is tomorrow, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you all to my twin boys, Joshua and Caleb. When Matt and I got married, we started trying for a child right away. We got pregnant within three months. The pregnancy was going fine and we were excited to have our big anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks. We had heard the heartbeat a few times, and I kept asking my doctor if he was sure there weren’t twins in there, because I felt all kinds of limbs moving. He answered every time “No twins, no way. One heartbeat, one baby.”


We Call It "Assertiveness Training"

From Alamo City Moms Blog

My mother is one of those women who is not rude or domineering, but when she decides that something important needs to happen, she makes it happen. She was known amongst my teenage friends as that mom who was a great cook and welcoming hostess, but you did not mess around on her watch. She would bust out her “teacher voice” that was frequently used on her unruly third graders and it could stop an 18-year-old boy dead in his tracks.